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Jaw Wars

A single player mouse-controlled arcade game, Jaw Wars pits your virtual mouth against the scurge of bacteria, armed only with your trusty toothbrush. Left undisturbed, the nasty germs will rot your teeth away, ending the game.

Screenshot of Jaw WarsKeep an eye out for the toothpaste tubes. Brush one, to replenish your supply - you can't brush the germs off without a good supply!

The game is played using the mouse, which moves a brush shaped pointer. Clicking the left hand button will perform a brush action. Use this action to brush away germs as soon as they appear. Keep an eye on your toothpaste level - you need it in order to get rid of the blighters. If you run low, look out for the extra tube of toothpaste inside the mouth. Catching it will replenish your supply.

If a germ is left for too long, the tooth on which it sits will slowly rot away. If it is left for too long, the tooth will rot away to nothing. If you get the required quota of germs before all your teeth disappear, you proceed to a harder level, with more resilient germs.

Note: as this game was created using Adobe Shockwave, there is a high chance that this game will not work in modern browsers, such as Chrome. This is because Adobe have decided not to update the plugin to use the PPAPI standard. However, browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and the ESR release of Firefox will be able to run the game.

These links will give you further information on how to run Adobe Shockwave:

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