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This page represents the creme de la creme of websites, as chosen by you and me.

Star Wars The official site for the reissued movies, plus the forthcoming episodes II and III. Graphics heavy, some animation, sound clips. Good browser required.

Mars Attacks! The official site for Tim Burton's 1996 movie. The aliens are excellent, but the script is difficult, not helped by the errors in continuity (characters referring to events that are not even in the final cut - oh dear!). Graphics heavy, lots of animation, sound on front page. Slow download, but be patient! Good browser recommended.

Channel Four have produced an excellent website that matches the standard of their programmes. Watch out for the lamented Father Ted official homepage, and the Gamesmaster section. This site uses frames and animated graphics, so a good browser is recommended.

Hard Rocking/Hard Drinking Society A site devoted to two of the many pleasures of student life. Graphics heavy, some animation. Good browser required.

Malaysia Probably the best way to experience the whole place without spending loads on huge air fares. Graphics heavy, but provides options for low-bandwidth/old browser users.

Bianca's Love Shack An extremely saucy site, but very entertaining to read. Go see for yourself. Contains adult material.

David Cronenberg Such a jolly person he is, with delights like Scanners in his repertoire of wonderful comic films. Perhaps not. Read about his 1996 film, Crash, which caused a lot of fuss over its content, as well as his latest film, 1999's Existenz

Punch Captain Kirk Very simple, but very satisfying. Make a mess of Kirk's smiley face, as well as Michael Jackson and other famous stars. Marvellous. Requires JavaScript capable browser.

Meridian Television Primarily for British viewers, Meridian produce the excellent Cybercafe programme, shown late at night (days vary according to tv region). If you can't stay up that long, then come here, for their website contains all the links mentioned in each programme. This is really a big budget version of Get Netted! Graphics heavy, some animation.

World Wide Web Consortium The birthplace of the World Wide Web. Need I say more?

The Net A fabulous webpage to accompany BBC television's digital culture magazine series. Perhaps this is what our licence fee is spent on? I say, very well done.

Fortean Times The great denizen of the unexplained leaps into cyberspace. One of the places to go on the Internet.

Fantasy Film League Now here's a first; a Web-based fantasy film game, allowing you to become the producer of your very own film. Plus lots of other movie related stuff. Get your entry in before the Oscar ceremony later this month.

id software If you own a nicely groomed PC, then you need Quake. Grab the free shareware version from here. Then turn your bedroom lights off, and turn up the volume, for heart stopping action. Some parts of the site require Shockwave.

The 80s Webpage Relive that strange decade of power suits, mostly tacky music, and bratpack movies.

Alton Towers The theme park goes online. It's early days yet, but what it has does look promising.

Disney A huge and wonderfully detailed site, filled to the brim with all things Mickey Mouse or Toy Story related, and so on...

The Fifth Element (UK)
The Fifth Element (USA) What a fab film. And the websites are nice as well. The UK version is the smallest, and requires Shockwave, but the USA version requires Shockwave Flash as well. But there are simpler versions available from both. Movies, screensavers and other info are available from here.

Gaumont Films They made Fifth Element you know. Tons of stuff here.

Overseas Jobs, Summer Jobs, Internet Jobs Three sites, all by the same company, that will aid you finding that job with ease. You can even post your resume electronically, for people to contact you. The Summer Jobs site is ideal for students wishing to supplement their income between years, or to clear debts.

The Lost World, the official website for Steven Spielberg's sequel to Jurassic Park.

Titanic (UK)
Titanic (USA) If in the future, this film is ever released on a big screen, then go and see it - it will rank as one of the key films of the 20th Century, through being the most expensive ever made, and the most profitable movie ever. Some parts require Quicktime VR, and Shockwave plug-ins, but go see it anyway!

Send me your suggestions for websites, and they will be put up here.

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