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Get Netted is your friendly guide to the World Wide Web. Each month, we pick out the best (or worst) that the Web has to offer to you, the discerning surfer. We'll make you laugh, we'll make you cry, we'll make you hurl (we won't be held responsible for computer damage as a result), we'll make sure that you can't get by without getting a taste of the Net.

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Get Netted started in March 1996 as a printed internet column in Get Knotted (now known as GK), Staffordshire University's student union newspaper. In total, nine articles were published up until June 1997. In November 1996, Get Netted went online as a website held at Geocities. The site was closed in the summer of 1997, remained dormant since then, available only as a downloadable archive.

This site remains as an archive, and in July 2006 had some changes made to make it compatible with web standards. No more articles are planned.

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