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Issue 9 - June 1997

Issue 10 - Summer 1997

Issue 11 - April 2000


Welcome back for this special summer edition of Get Netted, containing the best links freshly caught by myself for you to cast your eyes over. I apologise for the lack of activity on these webpages, but as you may or may not know, these pages are done during what spare time I have, and that is not much.

Nevertheless, I hope that this selection will be most interesting to you. For this month, I shall cast my eye over a wider area of the web, instead of my usual themed articles. This is easier for me, since I do have trouble, amazingly, in finding good sites of a particular subject. This is due to the unequivocal fact that 95% of webpages are not worth the storage space they are located at.

The 5% left are true gems, both commercial and personal, and I try to list those here. For a change, I am going to find websites that are based in far flung countries. According to the W3C, every country in the world has a two letter designation for its web addresses, such as uk for Britain, jp for Japan, au for Australia. There's even one for Antarctica, but I don't know what that one is.

Let's get on. I am using Yahoo UK and Ireland to help me around, and I found a nice little oddity. How Far is it? lets you enter two cities anywhere in the world, and then gives you the distance between them, as well as their longitude and latitude. Very useful I'm sure.

Using Yahoo, like some other search engines, makes browsing a pleasurable (but expensive if you are paying the phone bills!) activity. Looking in the Cyberpunk section, I find a link to the rather official sounding Cyberpunk Authority, which is really a fan page for the culture. Containing a very useful introduction to what it is all about, it leads onto a library and bibliography of material, either in book or net form for you to peruse. Of course, William Gibson is praised, but room is given to other writers of the genre. Worth a look.

Moving onto the Entertainment section, one click on the Actors and Actresses directory, and a huge list of websites appear, each devoted to someone whose face appears on celluloid at least once a year.

But I have found a marvellous gem, called Experiences of a Hollywood Extra. This page is the complete transcript of a book being written by the page's author, Ryal Haakenson, about the trials and tribulations of being a film and tv extra. If you dig out your copies of Body of Evidence and Dave, you might see him. But I wont bother; he is probably on the cutting room floor anyway. But its worth a read, just to know what its like working as a part time thesp in fantasy world, sorry, Hollywood.

In addition to the above, the Film and Television Careers Page contains professional guidance on how to get into the industry.

Let's face facts. America has no identity. It is commercialised to hell. The history that it did have has been buried deep under a mound of Big Mac burger wrappers. At least someone who lives there has taken notice and built a webpage devoted to a crusade of stupid American things. I hereby give you Stupid America. One of the highlights concerns McDonalds, an old woman, a cup of coffee and a costly court case. See what you make of it.

Did anyone see the new Mini at the Geneva Car Show in July? If not, then do not fear, because you can find it here at the official page. A lovely little feature is that of being given the honour to design your own model. This will work on any browser, something which is getting harder to accomplish nowadays (thanks to Microsoft and Netscape for making this possible).

It's coming home, its coming..., football's coming home. The best football anthem in the world, with New Order running a close second with their hit from 1990, the title of which escapes me. British football fans will have already greeted the new season, which started on August 9th, and the cult of fantasy football has arrived on the net, no pun intended.

Summer is here, and for UK students, that means exam results, and university places. The Times newspaper (and several others probably, making a mint out of worried studs) have set up an electronic clearing service, to help you find a place at university if your results aren't what they are cracked up to be.

Finally, onto the subject of movies. The biggest release at the moment is Men In Black, which in the UK has taken the top spot from The Lost World. Not that Spielberg is worried; his company made both films, he directed Lost World, and produced the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones showcase.

© Stephen Scott August 1997 [tweaked April 2000]

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