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Issue 2 - June 1996

Issue 3 - November 1996

Issue 4 - December 1996


I actually got an e-mail reply to my plea for websites. Whoever it was who gave me the address for Independence Day, I am extremely grateful.

Now for you freshers out there, university is the best place to use the Internet, because it does not cost you anything ... yet. So you can go anywhere around the world from the comfort of your hard plastic chair. Just load Netscape, and away you go. I have covered web search engines in a past article, but for newcomers I would suggest Alta Vista because it is so damn brilliant and fast. Very handy for library machines. Moving on, I discovered a site for Absolutely Fabulous. Beware - it's based in Australia so be prepared to wait a while. Fabulous darling.

The November 1996 edition of UK based film magazine Empire had a top 50 of comedy films. I'll spoil the secret of what was at number one by pointing you to the film's web site here. If you are stalwarts of good web page design, then this page isn't it, but who cares?

Onto movies again. Every big movie has a website devoted to it. Only problem is that you can never read it in time on the tv adverts (trust me - they are there, try looking at the end of the ad). Never fear - Get Netted is here. I have the film studio websites themselves, so you can find the movie of your choice. Choose from United International Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothersand 20th Century Fox. Each one of these acts as a showpiece for their catalogue of films past and present, such as Universal linking to Steven Spielberg's The Lost World. And there is For a Few Bullets More, a site dedicated to John Woo, director of many excellent Hong Kong action movies, and crap American ones (Broken Arrow).

Now here is a good site for those of you into celebrity photos. The American Photo Syndicate has tons of royalty free snaps of just about anybody. Useful for brightening up your film essay or something. And that great American institution, National Geographic, are on line, containing articles, beautiful photography, plus interactive stuff. Save your money and go here instead, its so good.

Anyone out there drinking a Pepsi? Well, put it down now. Boycott Pepsi is a group dedicated to informing the world that PepsiCo (who are also behind 7-Up, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) are continuing to support the military dictatorship of Burma with its continuing violation of human rights. Since this article was written in October 1996, Pepsi have recently done the right thing, and pulled out of Burma. Public pressure was clearly too much for them. Now you can feel better about seeing the new Star Wars films, for they will be sponsored by the aforementioned drinks company, meaning red and blue coloured can shaped spaceships are in the offing. Or perhaps an alien named Pepsi? Nah, don't think so!

Now there is something that I need to share with you all. The fact is, the world is full of cults. Stop sniggering, it is not a typo error. There are good cults, and there are bad cults. Most of the bad cults are religious cults. Nearly all of them come from America, such as this one, called Kibology.

Got any hang ups about love and sex. Need someone to talk to? Well, Staffordshire University's own Nightline is the usual place to go, but on the Internet, you can actually see a psychiatrist.Ask Dr Tracy is where to go to make yourself feel truly ... sick. And I quote;

"Your partner is a broken popcorn machine. You've put your coins in and deserve to get love out. You may even see love in him (her), but there's nothing either of us can do to get it out. The repair he (she) needs is years of therapy."

Don't you feel so much better now? More agony from Dr Kim Coleman's Sex Question Of The Week. She will lend a helping hand to your masturbation problems. Oh sorry! Better rephrase that.

Now a special treat for you all. Want some new pub drinking games to try out for the rest of your course? Yes of course you do, so take a trip down to The Unofficial Guide To Drinking Games.

To finish off this article, I include for all you Quake owners out there this website, if you don't know it already. The site has tons of add ons and graphics with which to reinvent your copy of the game. For those who don't know, Quake is just a game, okay? But an excellent one! Check out the Choicest Sites for a link to id software, the makers of the game.

© Stephen Scott October 1996 [tweaked February 1997/April 2000]

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