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Issue 1 - March 1996

Issue 2 - June 1996

Issue 3 - November 1996


Let's start with a look at ways to view the crap side of the Web.

The web moves in mysterious ways. Webpages come and go, or change addresses, so maintaining a site such as this is no exception. At the time I wrote this particular article in May 1996, the two biggest webpages for cataloguing bad quality sites were This is the Worst, and Mediocre Site of the Day. However, the owners of these pages have completed their quest, but you can still view their selection. One that is still going is Cruel Site of the Day, which is run by three people, each of whom gives their choicest crop of the nastiest, dirtiest and stupidest sites on the World Wide Web.

We depart the worst, and move onto the subject of Take That, a group that had it all, fame, fortune, and talent. They even had America crying for more (for a short time anyway), before Robbie left, marking the beginning of the end for the band. Still, at least for some of the members, it did not mean the end for their careers. Fellow fans of the band keep fan club pages in memory of the group and their creative output, but the best one is the Take That Appreciation Page, which is stuffed to the gills with info and piccies.

Right then, for all you art students, here are some sites worth visiting. The Louvre is a fine place to go if you can't afford Paris. If late nights and several cheap pints aren't enough to totally screw up your eyes, then The World of Escher will put an end to them for good. Or you can join in the interactive debate of whether this is actually a piece of work by Picasso.

Now that summer (at the time of writing!) is here, the thought of chocolate may be slightly disconcerting, but that is not going to stop me from mentioning the Cadbury website, which tells you, among other things, what to expect at Cadbury World in Birmingham. This site has a tendency to make your stomach growl. I can't imagine why.

Okay, for all you lads and lasses out there who feel for flatmates Tony and Gary from our homegrown telly series Men Behaving Badly, you can get even closer to them, with the aid of this site, which gives details about their past and future exploits. Whilst on the subject of comedy, links to all the best comedies on telly can be found at the UK Laughter site.

Aardman Animations have become synonymous with the Wallace and Gromit trilogy. For the uninitiated, the delightful dog and the cheese loving inventor have enchanted audiences worldwide with their adventures. The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave both earned Oscars for its director Nick Park, and although no more animations with the dynamic duo are planned, they have earned a cult following. But there is more to Aardman Animations than just Wallace and Gromit. Their website shows their creative output over the past decade. Well worth a look.

Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss, True Lies, Piranha II: Flying Fish. All of these films (perhaps with the exception of the latter) are all classic, unforgettable action films. And they are all the work of one director, James Cameron. This website, the work of one student, contains pieces of information collected from various sources to give you a near as damnit profile of one of Hollywood's best filmakers. Mr Cameron has also been busy setting up his own special effects company with fellow partner, Stan Winston (the one who helped make a couple of dinosaurs for Steven Spielberg). It's called Digital Domain, and is worth a peek.

Now I will give you the links to some very good search engines. This way, you can find web sites on any topic of your choice, quickly and easily. Firstly, there is the UK based Yell!, run by British Telecom, and based on their Yellow Pages directory. Then there is Yahoo! (UK & Ireland, or America), originally set up by a couple of college dropouts (who are now millionaires, I might add). But by far the most advanced is Alta Vista, where you can enter any subject, no matter how complicated (as long as you comply to its rules) and get a list of available sites on said subject extremely quickly.

© Stephen Scott May 1996 (tweaked February 1997)

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