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Issue 4 - December 1996

Issue 5 - January 1997

Issue 6 - February 1997


Now, last issue's effort introduced my new style of writing, from general meandering to a more focused subject. Okay, so weird sites is still a hazy subject, but its a start right? Perhaps this article will be another warm-up.

Since it is so cold out there, its time to think of warm summery things. The essence of nature, and all that. Dancing naked around your solar-powered machine in the midst of the Amazonian jungle. Hmm. Perhaps a bit too eau naturelle. But its nice to get away from the infohighway, and take a look at the green areas of the Net. So that's what this months column is all about.

Here's something for the biologists out there. A site full of cells. Cells ALIVE! appears to be a full autopsy on screen, brimming with animated blood cells and movies of antibodies fighting infection. Think of Fantastic Voyage, and Raquel Welch getting attacked by germs, and you will get a fair idea of what to expect here. You will need Netscape 2 or 3 to run this site.

Oh, just look at that. Imagine diving to the depths of the tropical oceans gliding between shoals of wonderfully coloured fish. Imagine no more. The Coral Reef Alliance contains images of jaw dropping quality, but that is not its purpose. This non-profit organisation is out to protect the coral reefs from sea pollution and destruction by man. Both enthralling and depressing at the same time.

Spiders. I hate them. If its not the size that scares me, its the way they move towards you every time. Now you are not safe even in front of the computer, for spiders are now on the web! Arachnology is brimming with illustrations and photographs good enough to make me sit further back from the screen, for fear of sudden movement.

The Electronic Zoo must be the biggest resource for anything that moves on the Internet. Anything you can think of, its there. It's a pain to navigate your way through though, because of its sheer size. But think of poor Noah trying to get all his animals on the Ark. It was no pushover.

Slugs must be rather common to those of you unfortunate enough to have cold damp bathrooms. You come down in the morning to use the bathroom, and what do you find? Slug trails. If this is the case, then the Pacific Northwest Slug Page is not for you. Unless you want to kill the blighters, in which case, there are some handy hints for dealing with them. There are also details on mating habits for those of you who have become bored of the Kama Sutra, and want to try something different.

Whale Net is a very good site for finding out about these creatures of the deep. You can even talk to their on-line scientists to find out more about them, and look into scientific projects on their migration. Just beware of the title page, as it is very slow to download.

Concerns about the environment are becoming increasingly more and more a part of our lives. The Internet has become very useful in informing people, and getting people together to form large communities of like minded individuals. OneWorld provides a broad perspective on global issues. At present, more than sixty groups share this site, all united in their cause for a better place. This site is one of those pure gold nuggets that make the Internet such a great place to visit.

Most, if nearly all, environmental groups have made a presence on the Net. Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Friends of the Earth are all excellent resources. Even the enigmatic Animal Liberation Front get their say.

The Body Shop had a big part in changing people's buying habits simply by selling products not tested on animals. The site is attractive, and details their policies on production and packaging, and their philosophy on being fair to the people of their product's countries of origin.

It's back! The link for the Animal Connection page is now here. Learn how you can become one with the animals telepathically. Yes, it is rather silly, but the links to other animal related webpages is extensive.

© Stephen Scott November/December 1996 [tweaked February 1997/April 2000]

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