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Issue 5 - January 1997

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It's time to go gungy now. I shall share some of the delights that the Net has in store for you in the realms of love, lust and romance. Well in my own opinion anyway. If I've got it wrong, then tough.

Before I start, I had better give a warning. One of those warnings that will tell you not to do something, so you react by doing it out of curiosity. Some of these sites are a tad delicate in nature, and since Get Netted is read by many different people from many different backgrounds, some sites mentioned here may be too sensitive for some. You have been warned. That should stop the lawsuits come flying at me.

First of all, here is something for those who usually have only a book to cuddle up to on February 14th, or indeed any other night. Romance Writer is a rather nifty piece of JavaScript (a programming language on the Internet) code that generates a Mills and Boon style romance at random. Sometimes silly, sometimes erotic, but always very stimulating.

Oh my. Would you look at this - so called erotic art (here) and (here). Some of the images may be offensive, so close your eyes and use the Force if you have to. Now, before you go and do something silly, take a look at Durex, for up to date info on the latest products with which to tickle your partners fancies. The site tackles a serious subject in a light-hearted way. By the way, I read recently about the invention of the liquid condom. The idea is for you, or your partner, to smear this gunge over the genitals, which sounds a pleasant enough experience. The bad news is that you have to wait half an hour for the gunge to turn to latex like rubber and become usable. Oral sex is probably out of the question; you may end up suffocating! Perish the thought.

For the ultimate in smuttiness, go to Bianca's Love Shack where the temptress of lust rears power over the people who post their erotic messages. Like most sites containing user messages, it is sometimes terrible, and sometimes rather funny.

Better move onto something a bit less saucy. Now a certain proportion of couples are destined to get married. There is nothing wrong with that. But I would question couples who have as much brains as this pair. I cannot think of a more dumb thing to do on your wedding day than setting up a web camera, in the assumption that every other person on the planet is going to be remotely interested in your special day. I bet the couple will divorce this year.

More romantic fiction can be found at Romancing the Web, Romantic Notions and The Romantic's Quill. All will set your pulses racing.

If you want to order a bunch of roses for your beloved, then Interflora offer an on-line order service. Just whip out your credit card, and then you are away. Then there is the prospect of sexy underwear and lingerie from Ann Summers or Agent Provocateur all of which can be ordered discreetly online. Much less nerve-wracking than walking into the lingerie shop down the high street isn't it?

Now for the decidedly dodgy Jennifer's Pleasure page, who like Ann Summers, wants to sell her wares. Those of a nature which give 'artificial' pleasure, to not put too fine a point. Peruse but do not purchase; her page is not secured for credit card transactions; a metaphor for unprotected intercourse in other words.

A rather soapy look at life and love from a different perspective can be uncovered at Gary and Michael's Viennese Wohnraum. These two gentlemen expose their trials and tribulations for all to see.

This next site may be of use to you if you have just become single, through whatever reason. Sir Isle's Home Page is full of hugs, cuddles and other warm teddy bear-type things. It will at least bring a smile to your face.

Free 3D Valentine Cards are for the computer geeks among you, who want to impress their desired one. Far better is The St. Valentines Day page, where you can find out who St Valentine was, and paste up a cyber valentine card. More of the same can be found at World Wide Valentines. Stick your message up for all the world to see.

And finally, for a great finale, there is the UK based Aphrodite's Love Palace. Very nice, and very Jane Austen in appearance, you will probably end up getting sick of the whole thing.

© Stephen Scott January/February 1997 [tweaked April 2000]


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