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Issue 14 - December 2000

Issue 15 - February 2001

Issue 16 - March 2001


Time is thundering towards the first Valentine's Day of the new millennium, and since I've not touched on the subject for a long time, it's well worth taking a look at the multitude of sites that have cropped up ever since, as well as revisit some of the original sites from that 1997 article.

If you type, guess what - it's a Valentines Day site. Based in the USA, you can browse their pages for ideas on how to lavish your loved one. Navigation is a pain though, making extensive use of your Back button on your browser.

So how did this day come about then? Take a look at Amore' on the Net's description at for the background, which I found very informative, assuming of course that this is what the day is based upon. The site itself contains much information on Valentine's Day.

The big sites such as Yahoo! and are all geared up to offer gifts online, such as flowers, chocolates, and short breaks in or beyond the UK.

Bianca's Smut Shack has not changed at all since my last visit, with the exception of it being a lot bigger, now renamed But there lies the Smut section, containing plenty of lewd one-to-one conversations, which will either titillate or infuriate.

How do you know you are in love? Good question, answered via the following sites, some of which are more serious than others. The Love Calculator does it through analysing both yourself and your partner's names. Not a serious one then.

The Love Test is one of the more serious ones, taking an hour to complete. The number of questions is quite bewildering, and with no option to save, and finish it later, was too much for me.

Keying in 'love' on Yahoo, brings up a couple of films and telly programmes - Shakespeare in Love is a very enjoyable film for couples to snuggle up to, despite the fact it has Gwyneth Paltrow in it. This site contains the well written account of one woman's experience as an extra on the set of the film.

On a quite different note, the LoveLetter virus caused a real stir during 2000. Yahoo have a directory dedicated to it so that nobody can get caught out again. is a UK based website featuring a wide variety of gifts for every occasion, from flowers for her, to a day driving a Ferrari for him. Get online advice from Cupid, to ensure that your special gift is anything but.

And finally, if you are planning to visit London this Valentine's Day, or any other day with your loved one, and wish to treat yourselves to fine cuisine, then look no further than The Food of Love. The webmaster knows her stuff - she was producer on BBC TV's Food and Drink programme for ten years.

(c) Stephen Scott February 2001

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