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Issue 3 - November 1996

Issue 4 - December 1996

Issue 5 - January 1997


Now, enter the world of the strange, for I am going to give you a whirlwind tour of the skidmarks of the net. The weird, the disgusting, the filthy and the bizarre - they are all here this month.

Firstly, lets take a look at aliens. Ugh. That's enough looking. The Alien Landing Map contains personal accounts of alien encounters, by totally mad people. It's good fun to read, especially the really crazy stuff.

If, on the other hand, you want to see stories like this totally ripped apart in a sea of cynicism and sarcasm, then you need Saucer Smear. Published since 1954, its writer, James Moseley, chairman of the National UFO Conference in America, and founder of SAUCER (Saucers And Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society), proceeds to analyse eyewitness accounts, and take the mickey out of them. My kind of guy. It`s about time we put these people to shame.

For all you closet pervs out there, go to [via] for some very strange tales of superfly Greys beaming into people's loins for action. Enough!

Now for America's answer to Stonehenge - Carhenge! Hidden away in a corner of Nebraska, stands an exact replica of Stonehenge, made entirely of cars. The page is modest, and has no history of who built it and why. But, then again, is there any point?

Now it is time to put your psychic abilities to the test? Can you put all your energies into stirring Ellie the Labrador`s dog poo? Of course you can! Unless it's bulls**t. Open your mind, and close your nostrils as you attempt Lou Minatti's [formerly Scott LaRoche's] Psychic Challenge.

Food additives have been linked to a decline in people's health over the years. This site, the Holistic Healing Web Page, contains information on the effects commonplace food additives (such as monosodium glutamate, which is what makes Chinese takeaways so tasty) have on your body. Also a clearing house for alternative medicines, and a link page to alternative healing sites.

"They're out to get me. Wherever I go, whoever I turn to, I cannot get away from them." Oh? What's that then? "Eyeballs." Oh, sod off. Just another nutter who thinks eyes are conspiring against him. Well, I tell you, he was nothing compared to this guy (Sorry! The link has gone, and I cannot find the new address). He probably went to this page, the Mind Control Forum.

The biggest conspiracy newsgroup on the net is alt.conspiracy [via]. I promise you, you will never see anything like this anywhere else. There is jabbering here from all over the world. When I looked while first writing this article, it was featuring Bill Clinton's Satanic schooldays! Post a reply at your peril, however. I was snowed under a pile of e-mail asking for my address and phone number, in return for their top secret writings. No thanks.

At the time of writing, Clinton won the presidential election. Poor old Bob Dole. Old being the operative word here. Net users must have found this site, The Skeleton Closet. This page picks up all the dirt and grime on all the Presidential candidates, also rans and hangers-on. Marvellous to read, and still relevant come election time.

Now to the tasteless. Now that Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque has gone forever [April 2000: the site has now returned, minus Dan], other sites have come into force. Let's start with Cruel Site of the Day. Click today's link and you are taken to heights of cruelty never before seen. If you want really disgusting webpages (and I do mean disgusting!), then Sickest Sites on the Web will take you to the absolute limits. This place is NOT for the faint hearted!

Want a corpse? Go here to get one that looks just like you. Just part with 500 dollars and it's yours. Go see for yourself, but don't forget the formaldehyde.

I couldn't leave you without mentioning a website devoted to bogies. The Booger Page is more a social statement for young Americans today. If only the Pilgrim Fathers had a crystal ball...

© Stephen Scott November 1996 [tweaked February 1997/April 2000]

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