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Issue 10 - Summer 1997

Issue 11 - April 2000

Issue 12 - June 2000


It's been such a while since the last article, almost three years. But without further ado, lets kick off with a quick runaround the football field that is the Net. With the UK weather slowly crawling its way into the warmer climates, sport is the theme for this month.

The year 2000 heralds the Sydney Olympics . The last event in Atlanta, Georgia had a tv audience of over 3 billion. This official site may not receive quite as many visitors in one go, but that doesnt mean it is insignificant. Even now, in April, the site is huge in content, and covering every event in the run up to the two week extravaganza this September.

Brand names are on the web in abundance. Nike and Adidas are fighting it out for ever greater market share in the western world. Their sites are very design oriented, which is to be expected. As long as your browser is up to date, you won't have any problem viewing them.

Manchester United are the richest football club in the world, and seem undaunted in their bid to win just about everything going. Their website is ideal for fans to keep up to date with the happenings on at the club. They even provide a free internet service, for those fans who wish to pay online homage to the team. You can even watch matches live via webcasts.

The BBC's Health and Fitness section is an informative guide to men and women's issues. How to exercise properly, what the best supplements are to take, plus interactive games and utilities to help you make the most of your body.

Whatever mainstream (or non-mainstream) activity you can think of, you are sure to find it on the Net (make a start with Yahoo UK & Ireland's Sport section).

Extreme sports are not for the faint hearted. One couple however, have made it their mission to travel across North America, finding the most adventurous places to perform extreme acts of madness. is the website upon which viewers around the world can catch up on their exploits. They've been on the road since the beginning of March, and have no plans to give up just yet.

If you fancy doing bungee jumping, there are clubs across the world that will honour you with the privilege of falling hundreds of feet to near death. is the meeting point for these clubs, and for newcomers, the site tells the inevitable stories of jumps gone wrong. has been the premier site for mountaineers the world over for the latest news and views on mountain climbing. For the fourth consecutive year, they are sponsoring expeditions to Mount Everest. In 1999, the team discovered the body of George Mallory, possibly the first person to reach the summit a full thirty or so years before Hillary in 1953. Who knows what will happen this year?

Moving onto more sedate sports now - cricket. The sport has taken a battering recently with the revelations of match fixing during recent one-day competitions. However, the sport must go on - we British are great at losing cricket to Australia, New Zealand, the Indies, perhaps even the USA (and they don't even play it). The England Cricket Board are looking into ways of improving the game, from the grass roots of school right up to Lords cricket ground. So we can lose even more creatively than before. Who needs match rigging?

And finally, the most sedate game of all - golf. For those of us who have two left feet, back to front arms, and inside out eyeballs, we can take heart in the fact that we are not alone. Check out Jack and Tracy's Baaaaad Golf Page for stories, jokes, and tips aplenty.

See you next month!

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