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Appendix C: Acorn User December 1997

The following links will show you JPEG images of the magazine cover and some images from the CD-ROM interface created using HyperStudio.

Figure 22 (84k JPEG)
Colour scan of the cover of the magazine, complete with CD.
Figure 23A (32k JPEG) and Figure 23B (32k JPEG)
Selected screens from the HyperStudio authored CD-ROM interface.
Figure 24 (91k JPEG)
How the interface can co-exist on the Acorn desktop, enabling true multi-tasking with other applications, while stile being able to navigate the CD. This cannot be done as well on Windows 95 or Mac OS machines, although Mac OS 8 is becoming as good as Risc OS, which is starting to show its age, four years after it's last major revision. RISC OS 4, however, was released in July 1999, and is now receiving fairly regular updates.

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